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Why Kelly King?

I make you look



Think about pro wrestling for a moment. An industry of grown men don't parade around in floor-length capes and knee-high boots for nothing. Presentation is everything.


And it works. People pay attention to what wows them. Make sure your business or organization has the right amount of showmanship for every occasion.


I'm not going to smash any folding chairs... but I'll help develop a dynamic brand identity and choreograph some of your best moves.




Everyday tools

for everyday use.


I use affordable "over-the-counter" design software you probably already have... plus, online tools anyone can access.


If you want full service, I've got you every step of the way. But if you'd rather do some of the work yourseIf, I can train you to work with the designs and templates I create.


My mission is to empower small businesses and sole proprietors to develop and grow within their individual means. I have solutions that can work for anyone.

You'll like me.

You'll really like me.


I'm proud to say my work gets lots of positive feedback... and I cherish every word. 


"Your messages always bring life to the printed words! Thanks SO much."


"I really like your tone and the new look. You are doing a super job!"


"Kelly, just wanted to say what a great job I think you are doing…the communications are looking so much more professional! We appreciate your efforts and talents."

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