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When you work hard at playing.

Mixing Business with Pleasure

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Cosmic Campaign

This client wanted a radical brand strategy for a cosmic campaign that would rocket him straight to the top of a market saturated with astronauts and space rangers.


The design was a super big hit with all ages and a door-to-door survey found it to be equally popular among both female and male respondents. Word of mouth advertising saw a dramatic explosion with over half of respondents shouting, "Hey honey! You gotta come see this one!"


The boosters each contain a flickering, battery-powered votive candle and the ring of exhaust hid a string of twinkle light creating a very dynamic live effect. Featuring a clip-fastener for easy opening-closing the client was able to step in and out of the costume for car rides and bathroom breaks.

Scientific Celebration


The client was looking to pioneer new ground in the Birthday Party market and position his celebration ahead of the traditional clowns, magicians and bouncy-houses.


A laboratory was installed in the garage to accommodate the biohazardous cupcake experiments and protect the rest of the facility from the miniature mad scientists and their elevated levels of C12H22O11.


An expert scientist from Big Thinkers, the esteemed Professor Ann T. Matter conducted wild and amazing experiments; each Guest Professor created their own personal batch of gooey, green slime, and got to witness first-hand the drama and intensity of a Diet Cola & Mentos explosion.


Each Guest Professor was awarded a small grant in the form of a magnifying glass, glow-sticks, spectra-vision glasses, and pop-rocks for their continued research.


Click here to learn more about Big Thinkers, they're awesome!

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