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I practice what I preach. 


Every element of Kelly King Works, Inc. is branded with authenticity and pride. I make sure you know me when you see me, and that you can pick me out of a crowd. I put thought and care into every detail… down to the matching green paperclips.


My brand reflects my corporate character…

simple, straightforward, smart, and stylish.


It’s fun and enjoyable, without compromising professionalism.

It’s inviting and warm, without feeling too casual.

It’s crisp and clean, without being boring or sterile.


What does your brand say about you?

And is your best foot forward with every step?


Whether you're a small business with history, or a one-man show getting started... a strong brand identity will help you stand out and invite others in.

KKW Logo
Right Brain 
for Small Business.
Web, Print, Social Content.
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