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Memorial Day 2015

Before the hamburgers and hot dogs...

Before the pool and the squirt guns...

Before the cocktails and the trashy paperback...

Before the laughing and lounging...

Before the "holiday"...and the happiness....

I give thanks to the men and women who gave up everything...

Every future backyard BBQ,

Every future water balloon fight with their kids,

Every future family snuggle in the one remaining dry towel,

Every future toast to a day off and a long weekend,

Every future holiday... and all their future happiness...

To all who died in service to our nation, I am forever grateful.

This day, and every day.

And in your honor, I *will* celebrate this "holiday"

I will laugh and lounge at the pool,

I will drink and read and swim and splash

I will eat a hamburger AND a hot-dog

And I will try 8 different kinds of pasta salad

I am proud to live in a nation where we're all free to celebrate however we like.

And so in your honor... I will.

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