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Camera Ready... or Not.

I've been interested photography as a hobby since the 10th grade when my art class photo was published in the yearbook. (I'm kind of a big deal.)


So, naturally, I never really did anything about it except for a few casual forays with pocket-sized digital cameras and whatever's on my phone.


Thanks to Tom Abraham (an actual pro-photographer), I'm happily going crazy with my new Canon Rebel T6 (whatever that means). It's absolutely perfect for me in size, weight, quality, and just-what-I-wanted'ness. (THANKS, MONKEY!)


I'm brand new to the technical side of photography. I barely know how this camera works and I would likely fail a pop quiz in photo terminology. (I don't know my aperture from my elbow.) 


But in the spirit of open creativity and taking on new challenges... here's a photo journal of me learning as I go.

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